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Using a Worn Nozzle Will Lead to Uneven Atomization and See How Wear Is Detected



The nozzle is a consumable item and will gradually wear out during use. In addition, nozzle wear can be accelerated in unmatched use environments. This wear directly reduces the atomization of the nozzle and thus affects the performance of the spray. When the wear of the nozzle reaches a certain level, if the nozzle is not replaced in time, the quality of the product will be reduced, and the company will suffer irretrievable losses. Therefore, it is necessary to learn to detect the wear of the nozzle.



Detection Wear Contains Roughly the Following


Spray Flow  

Measure the flow under steady pressure for a certain period of time and compare it with the measured data of the new nozzle in the same environment, or see if the data of the flow meter increase.

Spray Angle  

Under stable pressure, whether the spray angle changes at different times.

Spray Uniformity  

Through visual inspection, whether the unevenness in the spray center area and the edge area can be clearly measured.

Spray Pressure  

Check if spray pressure changes with time of use.

Spray Droplet Size  

Can refer to the product surface smoothness and uniformity。

In Addition  

1Regular replacement of filters, filters, and avoidance of violent cleaning can reduce nozzle wear.

2、Under high pressure, the wear of the nozzle will be faster than under low pressure.