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 Foshan Lin Kun Hardware Mould Co., Ltd. Wanted Dealers in Various Regions

The development of  Foshan Lin Kun Hardware Mould Co., Ltd.  depends on the trust and support of distributors and 10,000 customers in all regions of the country.

Companies adhering to the "strict integrity, Deloitte specifically modest" business philosophy, based on domestic and go to the world. Produce quality products, provide quality services, create new products for customers Making higher value has always been the eternal pursuit of Lin Kun Company.

Now in order to further expand the TC nozzle market, build China's TC nozzle national brand business, is now the national investment, and invites powerful, ambitious companies or individuals to join Foshan Lin Kun Hardware Mould Co., Ltd., together for a better future.

Welcome to call for relevant information, and invites the majority of dealers and customer friends to visit our company.

Foshan Lin Kun Hardware Mould Co., Ltd. Has the Following Support for Dealers:

1、Price support: The price of our products is not the lowest, but the value is definitely the highest. In other words, the price is the best.


2、Market Support: Our company insists on operating in accordance with market rules and does not set up multiple distributors in a certain area to ensure the market uniqueness of dealers.



3、Product support:Our company insists on operating in accordance with market rules and does not set up multiple distributors in a certain area to ensure the market uniqueness of distributors.Shipping, ceramics, wall spray, high pressure cleaning, steel production and other industries.


4After-sales support: In order to solve the after-sales problem, we will pass the after-sales technology to dealers to increase the efficiency of after-sales service and help dealers to get closer to customers. Of course, when the dealer can't solve the problem, we will have someone to help you. .


5、100 years of cooperation support: Our aim is to --- 100 years of Lin kun, Lin kun adhere to the belief of a hundred years of enterprise and work hard! .


6、Brand support: Our company focuses on brand promotion, has its own agents in many countries and regions around the world, and participates in exhibitions all over the world every year. Our company will also promote brand through the Internet, media, magazines, television, forums, conferences, outdoor advertising, gifts and other methods.




Foshan Lin kun Hardware Mould Co., Ltd. Requirements for Distributors


1、A unit with an independent legal person can provide relevant documents such as the qualifications of a legitimate business tax legal person. If it is a personal distribution, you need to provide personal ID information.

2、There is a certain amount of financial strength, distribution capabilities (personnel, vehicles), a fixed place of business, and good business reputation and social relations.
3、There are certain or better customer resources and are currently operating spraying. Distributors in the spray industry are preferred.
4、Recognized the company's brand management and business model, there is a strong willingness to cooperate, can actively promote product sales.