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Spray Nozzles



The high-pressure pump is used to pressurize the fluid medium to a certain extent, and is delivered to the airless spray gun through the high-pressure hose and finally ejected through the nozzle hole. When the high-pressure fluid medium leaves the nozzle and reaches the air, it immediately atomizes into a fine particle spray. To the surface.


In high pressure environments, high velocity fluid media passing through the nozzle can cause irreversible wear. We use high-quality tungsten carbide material to make the nozzle, which is 120 times more durable than steel, which greatly improves the wear resistance of the nozzle.


Product line


High pressure airless fan nozzle widely used in ships, ceramics, wall spray, high pressure cleaning, steel production and other industries, is a high precision, high wear resistance, low maintenance rate nozzle products.